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17 de Junio de 2017


PTEC has participated at ECTP events in Brussels


Jesús Rodríguez, Managing Director of PTEC, participated in two ECTP (

events in June 13th, 2017, in Brussels. The first one was the Infrastructure&Mobility Plenary session, chaired by Dragados, where PTEC made three presentations:


- REFINET CSA main outcomes on transport infrastructures


- Network of National Construction Technology Platforms and its main contributions to REFINET on experts for REFINET network, on best practice technologies and on R&I priorities in transport infrastructures


- Past, present and future of INFRAVATION EraNet on roads with special emphasis on the possible continuation after 2018 within H2020 (2018-2020 calls)


The second one was the ECTP General Assembly, chaired by Emmanuel Forest from Bouygues with Alain Zarli from CSTB, where PTEC presented the NTPs network with some items on the future of this network:


- To mobilize the networking activities at country level eitherthrough the NTP in the country or through a National organization ready to interact with the construction stakeholders if a NTP does not exist in this country.


- To interact with other countries that till now are not involved in the NTPs network


- To strengthen the relationship between the NTPs network and ECTP, through the chairmen of the five ECTP Committees, the General Secretary and the Steering Committee, and the web


- To get financial support for the NTPs network