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28 de Agosto de 2017


Growing interest in CITyFiED methodology for district-scale retrofitting



A  more confident approach to mass-market deployment and replicability of district-scale energy efficient retrofitting is gaining traction across Europe. 


One of the key initiatives building confidence among technical, political, civic and financial actors by delivering tangible results at major demonstration sites is the CITyFiED project methodology (full overview). This novel approach pinpoints the optimum role and inputs of a range of stakeholders and evaluates the sustainability of energy rehabilitation projects in urban environments. 


The principal architects of the methodology and entire  CITyFiED consortium  are now beginning to share more detailed insights and discussions of their experiences – proving popular at conference sessions and accompanying academic papers.


A paper from researchers at Acciona, CARTIF and IKERLAN  featured at the leading Spanish smart city event - III Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes -  explores a smoother interaction and reduced complexity of standards such as BREEAM or LEED, by increasing their scope to include indicators and evaluation of energy, economic, ICT, social acceptance and life cycle analysis.


Elsewhere, an in-depth presentation on ‘KPI-driven methodology for urban renovation at district level. Sustainable Strategic Urban Planning’ was given at the  Sustainable Places conference, due to be featured in published proceedings in Autumn 2017.


Future highlights for interested parties to find out more will be the publication of an ‘Info Pack’ giving key elements of the methodology due in November 2017 and a 2 hour workshop at the  World Sustainable Energy Days 2018  which will be held from 28 February - 2 March 2018 in Wels, Austria.


CARTIF, TECNALIA and ACCIONA participate in the project.