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06 de Septiembre de 2017


NOVICE project to unlock energy efficiency investments


TECNALIA is partner of NOVICE project, a €2m research project on the development of new business models in energy efficiency and demand response programmes.


The NOVICE project, will develop and demonstrate a business model that aims to better unlock energy efficiency investments and ultimately achieve significant energy savings throughout building renovation. NOVICE introduces new actors (energy aggregators) in building energy upgrade projects, and fosters their collaboration with Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs), financing institutions, facilities management companies and engineering consultants to facilitate the roll out of a grid and energy efficiency services model.


NOVICE will utilise energy performance contracting as it delivers a dual energy services scheme in building renovation. According to Dr. Matthew Kennedy from the IERC, NOVICE throughout its three year duration, aims to unlock more than €20.8m of investments in building renovation based on the dual energy services model. This potentially will result in primary energy savings of more than 25.2 GWh/year (25.2 million units of electricity) or the equivalent of electrical power for over 5,600 homes


More information at this link