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21 de Septiembre de 2017


CommONEnergy final conference presentations available


The EeB PPP project CommONEnergy hold its final conference on 7 September in Brussels. This 4-year project aimed at turning highly energy consuming shopping centres into energy efficient centres. It gathers 23 partners representing various industry stakeholders, as well as research and academia from 10 European countries. The project closed in September 2017 after 4 years of research, development and demonstration that allowed to install and test 24 technologies improving comfort, reducing costs and energy consumption in 4 demo cases across Europe (Valladolid, Trondheim, Modena, Grosseto).


Training sessions provided an insight on 4 tools developed within the project (continuous commissioning software, environmental and social impact assessment tool, IME and virtual integrated design process library, economic assessment tool and data mapper). The conference then raised the issue of EU policies and market for energy efficiency in shopping centres, with intervention from the European Commission. Innovative technologies developed during the project lifetime were then introduced by the partners. An highlight of the conference was the release of the project final publication, a guide to approach the energy efficient retrofit of shopping centres, dedicated mainly to energy managers, architects, designers, facility managers as well as owners or investors and all interested in the topic. This guide is available here


More information and presentations of the conference can be downloaded here.