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27 de Septiembre de 2017


APSE project news


APSE team presents a promotional movie of APSE project “Use of eco-friendly materials for a new concept of Asphalt Pavements for a Sustainable Environment”. The APSE project is a Seventh Framework Programme which emerges from the need of promoting a sustainable construction of asphalt roads.


Also they encourage you to play all the parts of the course APSE. If you have questions about a particular part of the course please email contact with the authors. An email to each of the parts is given on the course information page. Training ends with a certificate APSE. In order to obtain a certificate:


- watch all the parts of the course,


- like all parts of the course,


- write us an e-mail [apse-project(@)] which will be sent a certificate (please include first and last name to prepare APSE certificate).


Finally, they are organized a webinar


Please find below links:


Youtube channel


Promotional movie


APSE webinar


ACCIONA, AZVI and C. de Madrid participate in the Project