25.10.2017 EU Brokerage Event on KET in H2020. Plenary Session Presentation available ECTP VER NOTICIA
25.10.2017 Juncker Plan now set to trigger more than €240 billion ECTP VER NOTICIA
24.10.2017 España y Corea del Sur intensifican la cooperación científica y tecnológica MEIC VER NOTICIA
24.10.2017 Buildings in the EU: highly energy-efficient and money-saving by 2050 ECTP VER NOTICIA
19.10.2017 Industrial Innovation Information Days 2017. EC presentations and EeB PPP project ideas available ECTP VER NOTICIA
19.10.2017 Registrations are open for Horizon 2020 Transport info day! INEA VER NOTICIA
19.10.2017 TRA 2018 (16-19 April 2018, Vienna) FEHRL VER NOTICIA
19.10.2017 Stakeholders Workshop on ideas for further simplification of the implementation of the R&I Framework Programmes, Brussels 20 October 2017 11/10/2017 HORIZON2020 Participant Portal VER NOTICIA
19.10.2017 Buildings in the EU: highly energy-efficient and money-saving by 2050 ECTP VER NOTICIA
11.10.2017 Commission calls on SPAIN to correctly implement EU rules on Energy Efficiency Directive BUILD UP VER NOTICIA
11.10.2017 SME Instrument and FTI in 2018-2020 - check the draft Work Programme EASME VER NOTICIA
05.10.2017 Wanted: experts to evaluate Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation project proposals EASME VER NOTICIA
05.10.2017 Applicants seek more than €1 billion in EU funding from LIFE EASME VER NOTICIA
05.10.2017 Energy-efficient Buildings at the Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017: Recording available online BUILD UP VER NOTICIA
29.09.2017 Retransmisión de la jornada europea de presentación de convocatorias NMBP 2018-2019 CDTI VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017 (Brussels, 3-4 October) - Web streaming links available ECTP VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 H2020. TRN. Pre Publicación WP2018-2020 & Brokerage Event CDTI VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 H2020 - ICT: Pre-publicación del WP2018-20 de ICT CDTI VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Eurostat clarifies how to record energy performance contracts in national accounts ECTP VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Llamada conjunta en Eureka para propuestas en cooperación entre empresas españolas y alemanas CDTI VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Segunda Convocatoria conjunta para proyectos de I+D entre empresas de Brasil y España (Fase I) - Cierre: 30 de junio de 2019 CDTI VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Submit your COST Action proposal COST VER NOTICIA
28.09.2017 Infoday Nacional de Energía WP2018-2020 CDTI VER NOTICIA
22.09.2017 Info Day NMBP en CDTI CDTI VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 EeB PPP Brokerage session @ Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017 (Brussels, 3 October). Submit your EeB project ideas now! ECTP VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 Save your place at Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days 2017 INEA VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 Launch of TRIMIS, new tool to analyse transport innovation JRC VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 New service of Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) launched HORIZON2020 Participant Portal VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 1st EUROPEAN CONFERENCE Results from road transport research in H2020 projects EGVI VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 Reto Social 5 - H2020: 'Info Day & Brokerage Event', Bruselas 8-9/noviembre CDTI VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 Información sobre convocatorias abiertas en 2017 y 2018 en proyectos COFUND en España ESHORIZONTE VER NOTICIA
21.09.2017 Eurostars-2 cut-off 7 funding results: 119 projects worth € 177 M approved EUREKA VER NOTICIA
20.09.2017 Artículo de Elisa Robles en madri+d sobre la evaluación intermedia del Programa H2020 madri+d VER NOTICIA
14.09.2017 Horizon 2020 Coordinators' Day on 27 September 2017 in Brussels - All you need to know about the preparation of your grant agreement. 05/09/2017 HORIZON2020 Participant Portal VER NOTICIA
14.09.2017 What has CEF achieved so far? INEA VER NOTICIA
14.09.2017 UK Publishes Paper on Future R&I Collaboration with EU EARTO VER NOTICIA
14.09.2017 Building efficiency: Parliament ENVI Committee takes the lead ECTP VER NOTICIA
14.09.2017 Public consultation: Streamlining the implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Transport DG VER NOTICIA
07.09.2017 Primera Convocatoria conjunta para proyectos de I+D entre el Estado de Sao Paulo (Brasil) y España (Fase I) CDTI VER NOTICIA
07.09.2017 28 Country Fact Sheets, 44 Policy Measures Fact Sheets and 2 Analytical Reports are now online ECTP VER NOTICIA
07.09.2017 Change of final 2017 cut-off date for Phase 1 EASME VER NOTICIA
07.09.2017 Invitation to become reviewer for TRA 2018 FEHRL VER NOTICIA
07.09.2017 Promoting Sustainable Roads through Public Procurement ERF VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 PPP Impact Workshop 2017: Report and Presentations published - August 2017 ECTP VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017 (Brussels, 3-4 October). Register now! ECTP VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 Oportunidad de Cooperación Eslovenia-España en Eureka CDTI VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 EU Seminar on “Smart and Sustainable Cities, lessons learnt and opportunities within H2020”, 22 September 2017, Padova (IT). SAVE THE DATE ECTP VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 Joint Research Centre presents Level(s), a common language for sustainable buildings BUILD UP VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 EC and the Estonian Presidency Organise a Conference on Innovation Procurement on 17-18 October in Tallinn EARTO VER NOTICIA
30.08.2017 Shift2Rail Launches a Call for Expressions of Interest to Select a New Member of its Scientific Committee EARTO VER NOTICIA
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