2nd CRAKETIB, Conference on Research and Application of Key Enabling Technologies for Innovative Builidings- KETs for IB

Last 20&21th of April  SUDOKET project launched  its 2nd CRAKETIB conference. SUDOKET promotes the application of innovative technologies known as  as “Key Enabling Technologies” or KETs, for more efficient and eco-friendly buildings in order to guarantee higher well-being to our citizens. In this sense, SUDOKET is built upon 4 pilot building projects. Furthermore, it boosts the research and development of new solutions based on KETs in universities and research centres. Thus, SUDOKET develops online information systems to disseminate information regarding KETs and boosting sector’s networking.
Speakers: T. del Caño (Onyx Solar), A. Luna, N. Forcada, L. Gil & J. Castro (UPC), A. Corredera (CARTIF), F. Rebelo & R. Vicente (U. Aveiro), J. M. Lourenço & J. Façao (LNEG), Daniel Aelenei (NOVA School of Science and Technology), Z. Aketouane (Nobatek/INEF4), Asier Sanz (Tecnalia), B. Simoes & L. Matos (Virtual Power Solutions), A. Teixeira (AT Solar), J. Álvarez (GPTech), X. Cipriano (BeeData), M. Manca (Leitat), J. Corker (Instituto Pedro Nunes)