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Open Innovation Test Bed for European Construction SMEs

With the intention to reach the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21) goal of “nearly-zero energy, zero emission buildings”, METABUILDING LABS (G.A. Nº 953193), a new five-year Horizon 2020 EU-funded Innovation project, features a large consortium of 40 partners from 13 European countries that join forces to provide European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the Construction sector with easy access to a wide network of testing facilities allowing them to develop and test innovative building envelope solutions.

These testing facilities will be provided by Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), with real testing of the buildings in Living Labs and Social Housing buildings. This network will span across the following countries:

  • TURKEY  

METABUILDING LABS reaches out to SMEs and other actors of the construction sector and provides them with access to Open Innovation Testbeds (OITB) as part of a wider innovation support ecosystem, which will be of high value and tailored to their needs. SMEs also form part of the project consortium to collaborate in the specification and development of the OITB and its services and to “test drive” their own innovations. The OITB will help to accelerate SME innovation and allow them to be more competitive against big industry players. In order to engage an ever-growing number of SMEs in innovation on a European scale, an OITB not only needs to create, organise and put to work technical and regulatory testing facilities and services, but should also be accompanied by a sound and effective strategy to bring European SMEs into its ecosystem by means of metaclustering.

The main idea behind the metaclustering concept is to maximize collaborative work and sharing resources among clusters, thus ensuring an outreach to up to 30.000 SMEs from all European regions through 12 Metaclusters in the above-mentioned countries, that will interconnect up to 180 existing European Clusters.

The METABUILDING LABS project is closely related to the H2020 project METABUILDING (G.A. Nº 873964), (, which started in June 2020. The METABUILDING project has put in place the first layer of this ecosystem by involving 6 target countries (which will now be extended to a total of 13 European countries covered) and created an Open Innovation Digital Platform for the innovation ecosystem of the Construction sector. 

The platform will serve as a virtual and ubiquitous Single-Entry Point to innovation support and services to the European construction ecosystem in general, and particularly to the Innovation testbed services, which are being developed within the METABUILDING LABS project.

This represents an ambitious twofold intent, which is strategically underpinned by the European Construction Technology Platform’s (ECTP) roadmap. Moreover, 21 of the ECTP’s members, including the ECTP itself, are partners in the METABUILDING LABS project themselves.

Sectoral, replication and exploitation objectives  

  • Build up a future-proof, upgradable, competitive, sustainable, and inclusive European Innovation Ecosystem and OITB network.
  • Stimulate investments in building-envelope innovations and new technologies by providing testbed evidence on material performance for companies and investors.
  • Contribute to enhance the technical and environmental quality of EU building envelope products, through the harmonisation and streamlining of testing requirements.

Socio-economic and environmental objectives

  • Unlock the potential of SMEs by getting access to prototyping, testing facilities, certification services and infrastructures to improve the quality of their products/solutions.
  • Test user acceptance and environmental requirements of products and solutions in Living Labs.

Project Partners:


Project Coordinator: Germain Adell NOBATEK / INEF4

Project Manager: Stéphanie Decker NOBATEK / INEF4

Communication Contact: Alejandro Adell BUILT ENVIRONMENT COMMONS

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